"Guitar Driven, Classic Rock Sounds with A Southern Rock Flavor"
Aces and 8s blends Southern music such as Country, Rock & Blues and infuses it with a classic rock feel. Creating new music that has a vintage feel. Like the great Southern Rock music that has always been so widely embraced by both Country and Rock fans before. Aces and 8s is part of the same category, that music fans of groups like Bad Company, Black Berry Smoke,Lynyrd Skynyrd , ZZ Top, Molly Hatchet, 38 Special have always been a part of.
Aces and 8s released their debut CD in September of 2013. The new 2018 cd from Aces and 8s "Sippin On Sundown"  is out now. Both CDs contain 10 home grown orginal songs. No cover tunes.  Their music can be found everywhere online including iTunes and google play. Aces and 8s have performed from the smallest venue to huge musical events, that have included artist like Travis Tritt, Drake White and The Big Fire, Travis Howard, Charlie Crow, Sonia Leigh, Colt Ford, Joe Diffie, The Lacs, Adam Hood, Brent Cobb, Daniel Lee Band, Tylor Hammond, Ricky Gunn just to name a few.
The thin line between Country and Rock and Roll is being crossed from both sides of the musical spectrum. It doesn't really matter what category you put music in. If its real. You can feel it. Aces and 8s has been creating a path of their own since 2007. And continue to create their new music with each of its band members musical influences. The result is Aces and 8s.
Welcome to the "Rock Show"

Located in the heart of West Georgia. The members of the Rock and Roll band "Aces and 8s", remain grounded in their southern roots, while showing tribute to their guitar heroes from this generation and years past.

Orginal music is at the heart of this band. Orginal music has been with the band since the first rehearsal and continues to grow as in ingrated part of their show. The sound of "Aces and 8s" has been described as a southern versiont of Bad Company.


New Cd Is Out Now !!

Sippin On Sundown is out now and availble at most online music outlets for download. Cds can be ordered at online outlets like Amazon and CD Baby. As well as availble at most shows.

The new Cd and where we stand

The band has been getting some emails and questions regarding the new CD. The band is currently through with production and finishing up with mixing and editing. Complete information and its production notes will be coming to this web site in the weeks ahead. So check back for updates. The CD will now be sent for mastering as the new music enters its final stages before its release. Stay tuned to all social web sites for Aces and 8s for current updates and information. Thank you all for your support.

10th Annivesary Tour Winding Down

The 10 year Anniversary tour of Aces and 8s "Sippin` On Sundown 2017" comes to end in September after the band finishes up at their performance at the Phenix City Amplitheater in Alabama. The tour began earlier this year at the Atlanta Motor Speedway,and finishes its Summer tour with two performaces in September. First show is opening for the Eagles Tribute Band Hotel California in Fayetteville, Ga. At the Zac Brown Southern Ground Amphitheater. That show will be on Saturday 9/2/17. And then the final show on the tour will be when the 8s, join in the multiple act show for the United Way Fund Raiser "Concert with a Cause" on Saturday 9/16/17 . These two shows, are following the recently headlining concert in Panama City Beach Florida at the Aaron Bessant Amphitheater that was on August 10th. The 8s performed a little over two hours to the incrediable crowd that came out for the show. That show featured material from the first Cd as well as new music from the new album. The song 231 South and Locking hubs were a crowd favorite of the forth coming CD. That along with plenty of classic covers filled the Gulf with West Georgia`s Aces and 8s.

It is rumored, however not at this time confirmed that on the last two show, the band is considering two things they have never done before. A all orginals show and and all covers show. "We have been combining our orginals with covers, every since day one. It will intresting if this comes to pass". If thats the case, the Show at Southern Ground will be all Covers, while the Phenix City show is rummored to be all orginal performance. Both performances in the last two shows will be approxamently 45 minutes, and are not headliner shows like Pier park or the Atalanta Motor Speedway.

 The band is advising that this may not be the last show of the year. But, as far as the 10 year Anniversary Tour goes, this is all the dates they had planned out. "We may very well do a CD release show,or fall show or two.Either way, this has been a amazing year. And we can not say thank you enough for 10 years of support."

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Summer Dates Annouced.

New confirmed show dates at Callaway Gardens, Stone Mountain, Pier Park in PCB. Stay tuned as Aces and 8s rocks the Summer, in year 10 of their musical journey.

New CD is in the works

As with the first cd, the band does not seem to talk about the album, until there is something to talk about. But it has been confirmed, there is a new cd in the works. Stay tuned for more details to come.

NYE 2017 with Aces and 8s

Aces and 8s has been taking a few months away from gigging, to work on personal projects. While they have not been on stage much together since the end of Summer, they have been working. Writing and re writing a new songs for the new CD. In fact, two of the tracks have already been recorded for the new album. " I going back in and add a acoustic guitar on the new biker song.After that, that song is pretty much done" The group picked two of the songs for early recording for a reason. A new Biker anthem called Iron Warriors, needed to be ready ahead of the rest of the tracks, for a large show scheduled later in 2017. "we want that song to get some recognition before we play that show." The other track is called Locking Hubs. "We play honor to our years growing up mud riding in the South, and our love and respect for Smoke On The Water". The two day music and BBQ festival Aces and 8s has performed at for the last 4 years, and is scheduled for their fith year in 2017.

But, the band broke from their song writing for a performance in the Macon Ga. hot spot, The Crazy Bull a few weeks back, And now they are ready to bring it back home to the place they always call home, The Meriwether Steak Co. on New Years Eve. The band plans to jam. "We are going to do a few of the new songs. But, we are going to do alot of good old Classic and Southern Rock. Before we go back in the studio, we need to play live. And this show, was booked over a year ago. Its going to be a full throttel throw down."

The band also will began their year long celebration all through the 2017 concert season celeberating their 10 years anniversay as a band. This New Years will be special, for The 8s. We hope yfor all of you too. We hope to see many of you there.


Memorial Day 2016 Video Release

Tracks from a 2015 performance of Aces and 8s recorded live at Meriwether Steak Co. may have never been put out as a live CD. But, it did give the band its first experince of the recording of a live album. The question is when that time will be right to do a Live Cd. Its rumored around the band, not to be revisted until after the second Cd has been finished and given enough time to circulate. Clips from the show were used in other projects. But two seemed diffrent on the recording. It is to some, the better of the live recordings. One was a cover of a classic track by ARS. The other was a live version of the Aces and 8s orginal "Country Rock".  A video using the song Rock Show, was in final production when the track Country Rock was synced with the Rock Show footage. "It just seemed to fit. The video is Raw and so is the song. Both the video and the song show inperfections and its those inperfection that makes this thing rock. If we had used the studio version, a more polished video would seem to be more appropriate." The music and all the footage was recorded spontaneously. With very little editing. What you see and hear is what you get.

The video is scedualed to be released on Memorial Day 2016 with two versions. A facebook version and You Tube version.


Riverfest presents Aces and 8s

The band returns to Woodruff Park and to Riverfest on May 7,2016

This will be the 8s seconds time performing at Riverfest. The first being in 2014. "we are really excited about returning to Riverfest. we had a great time there back in 2014. So much to do and see there"

The band perform at 4pm. Later will be Tusk. One of the best Fleetwood Mac tribute bands out there. This will be a great afternoon. and evening of food,activites, music, art and more.


Harley Davidson Presents

The band rocks the Gulf Coast on April 29th. As Harley Davidson of Panama City Beach brings the Outlaw 8s to Thunder Beach.

Thunder Beach has a long histroy in PCB. Bikers by the thousands will be there all week long. With music and activities all over the beach community. Aces and 8s are no stranger to the Bike community. The band has performed over the years at locations like Bikers On Main, The St.Junes annual fund raiser in Pine Mountain Georgia. The 8s were also one of the headliners for the 2015 Angel City Rally in Unadilla Georgia. The band begins at 2pm and will play for a couple of hours. Followed by Miss Thunder Beach. Make your plans to visit the 2016 Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach.


2016 is going to Rock

Kicking off at the Meriwether Steak Co. Aces and 8s starts their 9th year by annoucing shows at Smoke On The Water, Panama City Beach and Riverfest. Two shows in the fall will be at The Crazy Bull in Macon. Just to name a few. Callway Gardens in the summer along with some other surprises makes 2016 off to a good year. Watch for updates.

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