Memorial Day 2016 Video Release

Tracks from a 2015 performance of Aces and 8s recorded live at Meriwether Steak Co. may have never been put out as a live CD. But, it did give the band its first experince of the recording of a live album. The question is when that time will be right to do a Live Cd. Its rumored around the band, not to be revisted until after the second Cd has been finished and given enough time to circulate. Clips from the show were used in other projects. But two seemed diffrent on the recording. It is to some, the better of the live recordings. One was a cover of a classic track by ARS. The other was a live version of the Aces and 8s orginal "Country Rock".  A video using the song Rock Show, was in final production when the track Country Rock was synced with the Rock Show footage. "It just seemed to fit. The video is Raw and so is the song. Both the video and the song show inperfections and its those inperfection that makes this thing rock. If we had used the studio version, a more polished video would seem to be more appropriate." The music and all the footage was recorded spontaneously. With very little editing. What you see and hear is what you get.

The video is scedualed to be released on Memorial Day 2016 with two versions. A facebook version and You Tube version.


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