New Song Recorded for upcoming Macon Ga. Tv program

Its been a busy year for Aces and 8s, full of opportunitys. Following their perfromances at Smoke On The Water and Lake Blackshear. The band played closer to their homebase during the Summer including Callaway Gardens and the hometown jam Terrific Tuesday. Kicking off the fall part of The 8s 2015 concert schedule. The band performed at the legendary Peachtree City Amplitheter with the nations leading Queen tribute band, Queen Nation. Following their performance there. The band is excited to work with Gary Branch with Macon Georgia`s Cross Chart Records, for a upcoming Tv show titled "Night Train". The show will feature southern acts. Georgia Music On Wheels. It was expected the band would perform for the upcoming fall video tapping one of the songs from their previous self intitled CD "Aces and 8s". But without a firm comment to any one title, the song pretty much choose itself during the recording session. The band recorded one of the new songs written for their up and coming sophomore album. The song "Summer Rain", was recorded. And will be fetured on the TV show set for future release after tapping this fall. " the thing about Summer Rain is, its pretty much diffrent than any song we have done before or written for the next CD. It sounds beautifully different and is defiantly a departure from our more recent body of works. We recorded it a little different than we practiced it as well. Since the acoustic was out for a expected totally diffrent song to be recorded. It was used on Summer Rain. Wich changed the tone of the song. Which lead to a totaly different vocal performance and ending in a entirely different version that had been previously performed." The song Summer Rain has only been performed once live. It was performed on Terrific Tuesday in the bands hometown. Just before the band had to call the show due to Rain and Lightning.....8.1.15

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