NYE 2017 with Aces and 8s

Aces and 8s has been taking a few months away from gigging, to work on personal projects. While they have not been on stage much together since the end of Summer, they have been working. Writing and re writing a new songs for the new CD. In fact, two of the tracks have already been recorded for the new album. " I going back in and add a acoustic guitar on the new biker song.After that, that song is pretty much done" The group picked two of the songs for early recording for a reason. A new Biker anthem called Iron Warriors, needed to be ready ahead of the rest of the tracks, for a large show scheduled later in 2017. "we want that song to get some recognition before we play that show." The other track is called Locking Hubs. "We play honor to our years growing up mud riding in the South, and our love and respect for Smoke On The Water". The two day music and BBQ festival Aces and 8s has performed at for the last 4 years, and is scheduled for their fith year in 2017.

But, the band broke from their song writing for a performance in the Macon Ga. hot spot, The Crazy Bull a few weeks back, And now they are ready to bring it back home to the place they always call home, The Meriwether Steak Co. on New Years Eve. The band plans to jam. "We are going to do a few of the new songs. But, we are going to do alot of good old Classic and Southern Rock. Before we go back in the studio, we need to play live. And this show, was booked over a year ago. Its going to be a full throttel throw down."

The band also will began their year long celebration all through the 2017 concert season celeberating their 10 years anniversay as a band. This New Years will be special, for The 8s. We hope yfor all of you too. We hope to see many of you there.


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