The Outlaws In Aces and 8s, Meets The Cowboys Of Dothan. And Are Heading Toward Smoke On The Water

Aces and 8s visits the largets Hony Tonk in Alabama on Sunday 3/29/15. The band aong with a amazing lineup of artist will perform through out the day at the legendary location. As part of the warm up to the lendary Toad Lick festival in April. This will be the first time Aces and 8s has performed in the great city of Dothan. The bands set list will be orginal music with maybe a well know class cover song to close with. " Our show their will be a more concert performance. Since this is a guitar driven band. We usaully throw in something to close with that was built for what we do."  The band has been writing new songs for the next CD. Some of those new track along with some of the most requested orginals will be performed there this weekend. " Its ironic that we are premiering our new song called 231 South there. I mean when this song was being written who would have guessed that would happen."  The list of new songs include the song written about the excitiment leading to Panama City Beach. " It didnt start out that way. It started about a venue we have played for the last several years called Bishopfest. It was a tribute to those incrediable times with so many of our friends. But, sometimes songs write themselves. And this song lead down 231 and a few personal experiences that came together to make one song. Its actually two songs combined into one." Aces and 8s will be doing more concert type perfomances like they did last year over the next sevral perfomance. Leading to their show at The Fred Peachtree City Amphitheater later in the Summer. "After the Dothan show at Cowboys. We are spending Friday & Saturday at Smoke On The Water at Bickleys Lake in Thomaston Geogia." The legandary music and BBQ festival will include a list of musical gueat that stars Colt Ford, Joe Diffie, Aces and 8s,Drake White and the Big Fire,Ricky Gunn,Daniel Lee Band,Soul Kitchen,Luke Martin,Tyler Hammond Band,Ivy west,Adam Hood and Brent Cobb,Due South. Destination America "BBQ Pit Wars" will be filming at the 2015 Smoke On The Water Festival. The tv show will broadcast at a later date. John Boy and Billy will also be having a on air interview the organizers of Smoke on their syndicated radio show "The John Boy and Billy Big Show" on Wednesday April 1,2015. "We really love being part of Smoke On The Water again. Those people do an incrediable job with this event. And it gives back to their local community in so many ways. Its an honor to asked back again this year." Aces and 8s will be performing both in Friday Night & Saturday afternoon. In addition to these two exciting shows. The 8s will also be Headliners in Unadilla Ga at Angel City Bike Rally on April 16th. And headlining at Lake Blackshear on May 1st.  

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