New Cd Is Out Now !!

Sippin On Sundown is out now and availble at most online music outlets for download. Cds can be ordered at online outlets like Amazon and CD Baby. As well as availble at most shows.

The new Cd and where we stand

The band has been getting some emails and questions regarding the new CD. The band is currently through with production and finishing up with mixing and editing. Complete information and its production notes will be coming to this web site in the weeks ahead. So check back for updates. The CD will now be sent for mastering as the new music enters its final stages before its release. Stay tuned to all social web sites for Aces and 8s for current updates and information. Thank you all for your support.

10th Annivesary Tour Winding Down

The 10 year Anniversary tour of Aces and 8s "Sippin` On Sundown 2017" comes to end in September after the band finishes up at their performance at the Phenix City Amplitheater in Alabama. The tour began earlier this year at the Atlanta Motor Speedway,and finishes its Summer tour with two performaces in September. First show is opening for the Eagles Tribute Band Hotel California in Fayetteville, Ga. At the Zac Brown Southern Ground Amphitheater. That show will be on Saturday 9/2/17. And then the final show on the tour will be when the 8s, join in the multiple act show for the United Way Fund Raiser "Concert with a Cause" on Saturday 9/16/17 . These two shows, are following the recently headlining concert in Panama City Beach Florida at the Aaron Bessant Amphitheater that was on August 10th. The 8s performed a little over two hours to the incrediable crowd that came out for the show. That show featured material from the first Cd as well as new music from the new album. The song 231 South and Locking hubs were a crowd favorite of the forth coming CD. That along with plenty of classic covers filled the Gulf with West Georgia`s Aces and 8s.

It is rumored, however not at this time confirmed that on the last two show, the band is considering two things they have never done before. A all orginals show and and all covers show. "We have been combining our orginals with covers, every since day one. It will intresting if this comes to pass". If thats the case, the Show at Southern Ground will be all Covers, while the Phenix City show is rummored to be all orginal performance. Both performances in the last two shows will be approxamently 45 minutes, and are not headliner shows like Pier park or the Atalanta Motor Speedway.

 The band is advising that this may not be the last show of the year. But, as far as the 10 year Anniversary Tour goes, this is all the dates they had planned out. "We may very well do a CD release show,or fall show or two.Either way, this has been a amazing year. And we can not say thank you enough for 10 years of support."

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Summer Dates Annouced.

New confirmed show dates at Callaway Gardens, Stone Mountain, Pier Park in PCB. Stay tuned as Aces and 8s rocks the Summer, in year 10 of their musical journey.

New CD is in the works

As with the first cd, the band does not seem to talk about the album, until there is something to talk about. But it has been confirmed, there is a new cd in the works. Stay tuned for more details to come.

NYE 2017 with Aces and 8s

Aces and 8s has been taking a few months away from gigging, to work on personal projects. While they have not been on stage much together since the end of Summer, they have been working. Writing and re writing a new songs for the new CD. In fact, two of the tracks have already been recorded for the new album. " I going back in and add a acoustic guitar on the new biker song.After that, that song is pretty much done" The group picked two of the songs for early recording for a reason. A new Biker anthem called Iron Warriors, needed to be ready ahead of the rest of the tracks, for a large show scheduled later in 2017. "we want that song to get some recognition before we play that show." The other track is called Locking Hubs. "We play honor to our years growing up mud riding in the South, and our love and respect for Smoke On The Water". The two day music and BBQ festival Aces and 8s has performed at for the last 4 years, and is scheduled for their fith year in 2017.

But, the band broke from their song writing for a performance in the Macon Ga. hot spot, The Crazy Bull a few weeks back, And now they are ready to bring it back home to the place they always call home, The Meriwether Steak Co. on New Years Eve. The band plans to jam. "We are going to do a few of the new songs. But, we are going to do alot of good old Classic and Southern Rock. Before we go back in the studio, we need to play live. And this show, was booked over a year ago. Its going to be a full throttel throw down."

The band also will began their year long celebration all through the 2017 concert season celeberating their 10 years anniversay as a band. This New Years will be special, for The 8s. We hope yfor all of you too. We hope to see many of you there.


Memorial Day 2016 Video Release

Tracks from a 2015 performance of Aces and 8s recorded live at Meriwether Steak Co. may have never been put out as a live CD. But, it did give the band its first experince of the recording of a live album. The question is when that time will be right to do a Live Cd. Its rumored around the band, not to be revisted until after the second Cd has been finished and given enough time to circulate. Clips from the show were used in other projects. But two seemed diffrent on the recording. It is to some, the better of the live recordings. One was a cover of a classic track by ARS. The other was a live version of the Aces and 8s orginal "Country Rock".  A video using the song Rock Show, was in final production when the track Country Rock was synced with the Rock Show footage. "It just seemed to fit. The video is Raw and so is the song. Both the video and the song show inperfections and its those inperfection that makes this thing rock. If we had used the studio version, a more polished video would seem to be more appropriate." The music and all the footage was recorded spontaneously. With very little editing. What you see and hear is what you get.

The video is scedualed to be released on Memorial Day 2016 with two versions. A facebook version and You Tube version.


Harley Davidson Presents

The band rocks the Gulf Coast on April 29th. As Harley Davidson of Panama City Beach brings the Outlaw 8s to Thunder Beach.

Thunder Beach has a long histroy in PCB. Bikers by the thousands will be there all week long. With music and activities all over the beach community. Aces and 8s are no stranger to the Bike community. The band has performed over the years at locations like Bikers On Main, The St.Junes annual fund raiser in Pine Mountain Georgia. The 8s were also one of the headliners for the 2015 Angel City Rally in Unadilla Georgia. The band begins at 2pm and will play for a couple of hours. Followed by Miss Thunder Beach. Make your plans to visit the 2016 Thunder Beach in Panama City Beach.


Riverfest presents Aces and 8s

The band returns to Woodruff Park and to Riverfest on May 7,2016

This will be the 8s seconds time performing at Riverfest. The first being in 2014. "we are really excited about returning to Riverfest. we had a great time there back in 2014. So much to do and see there"

The band perform at 4pm. Later will be Tusk. One of the best Fleetwood Mac tribute bands out there. This will be a great afternoon. and evening of food,activites, music, art and more.


2016 is going to Rock

Kicking off at the Meriwether Steak Co. Aces and 8s starts their 9th year by annoucing shows at Smoke On The Water, Panama City Beach and Riverfest. Two shows in the fall will be at The Crazy Bull in Macon. Just to name a few. Callway Gardens in the summer along with some other surprises makes 2016 off to a good year. Watch for updates.

Smoke on The Water performance times

Aces and 8s @ SOTW 2016

For the last few years it has been an honor for Aces and 8s to have been part of the Smoke On The Water family. And we look forward to returning in April. This two day music and BBQ festival, gives back to their community. The volunteer fire department benifits from this amazing event. Each year people from near and far decend on Bilckley`s Lake in Upson County Georgia. For two days of music,food and fun.For the best value for your entertainment dollar. Acts that have included in the past such as Brantley Gilbert and Blackberry Smoke have performed at the event. This years line up is another exciting two days of some great music and some of the best food your going to find anywhere around. If you love BBQ. This event is the real deal, With fixings from some of the best cooks in the country. Last year the event was recorded for TV. John Boy and Billy from the The Big Show will tell you. Smock On The Water has become a Southern tradiition that happens in April each year. With great family fun, and a amazing line of musical artist. Kid fun zones. And some of the best food you will ever eat. Priced much lower than most festival like it. Smoke On The Water continues to be a tradition in the South you dont want to miss.Aces and 8s is excited to be once again part of the musical line up. And, we look forward to seeing you all there.For the complete list of artist and for ticket information check out as well as continue to monitor the Aces and 8s facebook page and .


Aces and 8s just finishing up a show at the Meriwether Steak Co., has got one more hometown show this month. The band along with Spearheads will be performing at the Magic City Grill in Manchester on Halloween night. This is the fall fesival that will be a fun evening for all ages. Looking for something different this year? Weather permitting, this one is going to be new adventure on Halloween.

National Peanut Festival in Dothan

231 South ??

The band returns to the amazing city of Dothan Alabama on Novemeber 14th. Aces and 8s will rock the National Peanut Festival on the last Saturday of the 2015 week long festival. The week will include a list of musical intertainment including National Touring acts like Chris Janson (Buy Me a Boat), Rush Of Fools, Tyler Farr, Marshall Tucker Band, Maddie and Tai.

Aces and 8s is honored to joing the more local and regional list of muscians to perform on the locals stage during the weekly musical time slots. Thousands will visit the legendary event, from all over the South and Gulf Coast.

New Song Recorded for upcoming Macon Ga. Tv program

Its been a busy year for Aces and 8s, full of opportunitys. Following their perfromances at Smoke On The Water and Lake Blackshear. The band played closer to their homebase during the Summer including Callaway Gardens and the hometown jam Terrific Tuesday. Kicking off the fall part of The 8s 2015 concert schedule. The band performed at the legendary Peachtree City Amplitheter with the nations leading Queen tribute band, Queen Nation. Following their performance there. The band is excited to work with Gary Branch with Macon Georgia`s Cross Chart Records, for a upcoming Tv show titled "Night Train". The show will feature southern acts. Georgia Music On Wheels. It was expected the band would perform for the upcoming fall video tapping one of the songs from their previous self intitled CD "Aces and 8s". But without a firm comment to any one title, the song pretty much choose itself during the recording session. The band recorded one of the new songs written for their up and coming sophomore album. The song "Summer Rain", was recorded. And will be fetured on the TV show set for future release after tapping this fall. " the thing about Summer Rain is, its pretty much diffrent than any song we have done before or written for the next CD. It sounds beautifully different and is defiantly a departure from our more recent body of works. We recorded it a little different than we practiced it as well. Since the acoustic was out for a expected totally diffrent song to be recorded. It was used on Summer Rain. Wich changed the tone of the song. Which lead to a totaly different vocal performance and ending in a entirely different version that had been previously performed." The song Summer Rain has only been performed once live. It was performed on Terrific Tuesday in the bands hometown. Just before the band had to call the show due to Rain and Lightning.....8.1.15

The Outlaws In Aces and 8s, Meets The Cowboys Of Dothan. And Are Heading Toward Smoke On The Water

Aces and 8s visits the largets Hony Tonk in Alabama on Sunday 3/29/15. The band aong with a amazing lineup of artist will perform through out the day at the legendary location. As part of the warm up to the lendary Toad Lick festival in April. This will be the first time Aces and 8s has performed in the great city of Dothan. The bands set list will be orginal music with maybe a well know class cover song to close with. " Our show their will be a more concert performance. Since this is a guitar driven band. We usaully throw in something to close with that was built for what we do."  The band has been writing new songs for the next CD. Some of those new track along with some of the most requested orginals will be performed there this weekend. " Its ironic that we are premiering our new song called 231 South there. I mean when this song was being written who would have guessed that would happen."  The list of new songs include the song written about the excitiment leading to Panama City Beach. " It didnt start out that way. It started about a venue we have played for the last several years called Bishopfest. It was a tribute to those incrediable times with so many of our friends. But, sometimes songs write themselves. And this song lead down 231 and a few personal experiences that came together to make one song. Its actually two songs combined into one." Aces and 8s will be doing more concert type perfomances like they did last year over the next sevral perfomance. Leading to their show at The Fred Peachtree City Amphitheater later in the Summer. "After the Dothan show at Cowboys. We are spending Friday & Saturday at Smoke On The Water at Bickleys Lake in Thomaston Geogia." The legandary music and BBQ festival will include a list of musical gueat that stars Colt Ford, Joe Diffie, Aces and 8s,Drake White and the Big Fire,Ricky Gunn,Daniel Lee Band,Soul Kitchen,Luke Martin,Tyler Hammond Band,Ivy west,Adam Hood and Brent Cobb,Due South. Destination America "BBQ Pit Wars" will be filming at the 2015 Smoke On The Water Festival. The tv show will broadcast at a later date. John Boy and Billy will also be having a on air interview the organizers of Smoke on their syndicated radio show "The John Boy and Billy Big Show" on Wednesday April 1,2015. "We really love being part of Smoke On The Water again. Those people do an incrediable job with this event. And it gives back to their local community in so many ways. Its an honor to asked back again this year." Aces and 8s will be performing both in Friday Night & Saturday afternoon. In addition to these two exciting shows. The 8s will also be Headliners in Unadilla Ga at Angel City Bike Rally on April 16th. And headlining at Lake Blackshear on May 1st.  

2015 Concert Information & Updates

The 2015 Aces and 8s Concert Series is shaping up to be one of the biggest of our career! We've already been added to some of the areas best lineups and are adding more dates to this list every single week. Here are just a few to get you started:

*02/21/15* - Meriwether Steak Company, Warm Springs, Georgia (This place feels like home to us and not to mention some of the best food you'll ever put in your mouth!)

*03/29/15* - Cowboys of Dothan, Dothan, Alabama


*04/03/15* - Smoke on the Water, Bickley's Lake, Thomaston, Georgia (This is a 2 day event that we'll be playing on that Friday night with Colt Ford, Drake White, Tyler Hammond and many more! Saturday night will be Joe Diffie, Ricky Gunn, Daniel Lee and several more great bands so make sure to purchase your two day pass!)

*04/16/15* - Angel City Bike Rally, Unadilla, Georgia (We'll be headlining this event on Thursday night and are proud to be a part of this bill with so many other great bands!)

*05/01/15* - Cypress Grill, Lake Blackshear, Cordele, Georgia (Make plans to travel with us to this beautiful place on Lake Blackshear, reserve a cabin and stay the night or entire weekend!)

*06/13/15* - Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia (Playing on the Beach! Part of their Summer Concert Series)

*07/21/15* - Terrific Tuesdays, Manchester, Georgia (Playing as part of the city's Summer Tuesday's Concert Series)

*07/24/15* - Peachtree City Amphitheater aka "The Fred", Peachtree City, Georgia (Playing with one of the nations best Queen tribute bands, "Queen Nation"!)

*08/08/15* - Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia (Playing on the Beach once again! Part of their Summer Concert Series)

Those are just a few of our event dates that we're releasing early to get you started on for this year so you can be making plans to attend! Keep a constant check on our Facebook page for a lot more upcoming dates and shows to be added weekly. That is the place we'll be announcing dates and times of some radio interviews we'll be doing too. The 8s will also be a part of other biker and charity events throughout the year and you may even see us playing in a Battle of the Bands or two as well as the Phenix City Amphitheater. We'll fill you in on all the details the closer these events approach. Huge thanks and lots of love to all our Aces and 8s family that have been with us through all these years and looking forward to every minute of the rest of this journey!

Toys For Tots

One last performance for Aces and 8s in 2014.

Toys for Tots benefit in Thomaston Ga. at Chills.

Andy Johnson Band, Aces and 8s, Big Mike And The Booty Poppas.

special guest JB Walker, DJ Smooth.

Bring your unwarapped toy for your admission price. Lets give the children a toy this Christmas.

Thursday 12/18/14

New songs being written !!

While its been no real secreat. Orginal music has always been the center of the band. Aces and 8s has annouced that a few new songs are nearing complition for the next album. While there is no official title for the complited first three tracks. The bands sophomore project is expected to continue their own brand of Southern Rock. Leaning closer to their blues infused classic rock sound along with their Southern hertiage. The first album have taken the band from their Heavy Rock beginings to Classic rock to Southern rock. And everything in between. Check back for updates.

Fall Concerts

2014 Continues to be a amazing year for the band. And the fall is shapping up to be as fun as the rest of the year. The 8s return to BishopFest on Saturday 8/23/14. Hired Guns,A&8 along with Hallow Sky will be making this years concert festival one for the memorie books. Then its off to races. And when we say races. We mean NASCAR. Aces and 8s rocks the Atlanta Motor Speedway on Saturday 8/30/14. The 8s will play at 1:00pm on the Coca~Cola Fan Stage. This should be a amazing show.

September 6th, The 8s will join Eley Road in Pine Mountain for the Annual Bike Rally held at the RV park. Show time has not been annouced for this event. Finishing off the 4 week tour, Aces and 8s returns for the amazing Smoke On The Water Chili /Music festival at Bickleys Lake. The 8s will be playing with an amazing line up of artist including Ricky Gun. This is Aces and 8s second performance at Smoke On The Water. The band is truly honored to have joined the list of artist that have been part of this amazing event.


Aces and 8s Rocks Uptown Riverfest

The boys rock Riverfest this year. Uptown Riverfest 2014 including the Dragon boat Races. Aces and 8s performs at 10:00 to kick a great day of music and fun.

Smoke On The Water

Aces and 8s will perform several songs form their new Cd, along with some southern fried favorites. During their performance on Saturday. With the chances of rain getting smaller for Saturday. The clouds should make for a great day of music, food and fellowship. We hope to see you on Saturday around 2:45pm.

Soho presents Aces and 8s
Soho Bar & Grill Presents
Aces and 8s Live In Concert
Friday April 18, 2014 ~ 10:00pm
5751 Milgen Rd
Columbus, GA  31907
United States
25 weeks and counting

Reverbnation !!

We love the support. 25 weeks and couting at the #1 postion on the local ranks. Thanks !!

21 Weeks @ #1 on Reverbnation

Thanks to the fans on Reverbnation who has made the last 21 weeks possible for Aces and 8s to be at #1 on the local charts. You guys rock more than Ths 8s do. We love you all !!

2/15/14 Saturday results

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