The Band

Carlton Wimmer - Lead Guitar & Vocals 


Carlton Wimmer is a long time resident in the world of Guitar Rock. Since the early eighties Carlton has been in several groups that featured Rock and Roll to Country Southern Rock. Carlton was the founding member of the band "Kings Ransom", that featured Tom Rasnick and Wade Creamer prior to the now "Aces and 8s". Prior to being named "Kings Ransom," the band also featured Keith Braddy on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals in the original line up of the soon be "Ransom".

Carltons` respect for the guitar has always been consistent and genuine. Time and hard work is paying off. The now "Aces and 8s" features Rock and Roll with no boundaries. The bands musical efforts feature music from both contemporary and main stream. "We`re playing Rock Music,some songs have positive messages,others are just good songs".  


Keith Braddy - Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar 


Keith is a singer songwriter, from Manchester Georgia. An active musician in west Georgia since the mid `80s. He has played in several local Rock,Country,Bluegrass and Gospel bands over the last twenty years. Rock music is where Keith`s guitar playing began. He had sung country music until joining his first Rock and Roll band around 1984. Keith spent the latter part of the `80s and early `90s playing throughout the area in various Rock and Country bands. Keith left his music career behind when he became a father just before he turned thirty. Keith continued to write and record original music."I got to the point where i just could not write anything. So I just stopped playing all together. I played the guitar for my kids only,I never even tuned it up for me". He returned to music in 2003 by playing in a group called Benny and The Boys. The group was "Country Bluegrass Gospel" and played several churches and special events over the next year and a half.

In the winter of 2006 the time was right to return to the electric guitar,when Carlton Wimmer a long time friend and mutual musician, invited Keith to play with his group for a benefit show. The band then under the name Kings Ransom featured an all christian music format.The band featured songs made famous by groups like Third Day and Casting Crowns. Keith joined the band as the groups new Lead Singer and third guitar player, after that nights practice. Once David Elder joined joined the group a month later, as the bands new drummer. A new band was formed.



Tom Rasnick - Bass & Vocals


Tom Rasnick has been playing music since around 1983. It was his first experience with Sabbath`s legendary "Master of Reality" and Van Halen that influnced his musical direction. In a era that was fueled with hard rock, It was a single guitar solo that set the standard to follow. "Eruption by Van Halen changed my life"

Tom grew up in the 70`s and 80`s. Graduating in 1983, he was asked to sing in a post high school band. Eventually playing original music and becoming the band "Smash the Cat". The band "Smash The Cat" would produce a live album and video in Deland,Fl.

Tom moved to Georgia in 1992 with a drummer following not far behind. The two would form a three piece band called "Nobody". Time passed and Tom wound up in Warm Spring Georgia. "I met Carlton at a 4th of July party in 2005 and he invited me to play with his band"


Wade Creamer - Guitar & Vocals 


Prior to joining the military. Wade Creamer made his name as an area guitarist by playing with groups like Kaos and Destiny.Wade and David have performed with Neal Lucas of "The Neal Lucas Trio". Neal has became one the most respected guitarist in the area. After returning from his military duties he spent time away from playing music once he got married. With marriage and his military career behind him,Wade was ready for a second tour of duty with his electric guitar. "Carlton called me up one day and said come jam with them". They were forming a Christian Rock band that later turned out to be Kings Ransom. "We later split and now evolved into what we are now".


Roy Jones - Drums & Vocals


Roy is long time drummer,of all types of music.He has been playing professionally for over 20 years. Roy joined Aces and 8s,in the late Summer of 2012.Drummer for such well know Georgia based bands.Such as August and High Risk. Roy has made a name for himself in music.


Eugene Smenner – Harmonica & Vocals


Eugene began helping with video work with Aces and 8s,during their early years at Oscars. Eugene began jamming with band during rehearsals. Those blues jams would eventually lead to Eugene performing with the band during live performances.





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